Welcome to your SLF Test!


ATTENTION: This is a 15-minute timed test. You will have only ONE opportunity to take this test. NOTE: There will be no count-down timer shown during the test; therefore, we recommend setting your own stop watch, and in order for the test to be scored properly, you must continue to answer questions until the test automatically times-out.

Please be sure to clear all distractions and devote yourself to the allotted 15-minute time limit before clicking the "START TEST" button below. This is a test of problem-solving ability and must be submitted in order for final acceptance of admission into the school. It contains various types of questions that must be completed by the Applicant, named below, and WITHOUT the aid of any outside assistance; such as a calculator or other person.

This test contains 35 questions that increase in difficulty. It is unlikely that you will finish all of them; however, do your best and select one of the multiple-choice answers already provided that you feel most likely applies. Work carefully but do not spend too much time on any one question or skip around, and challenge yourself by providing as many correct answers as you can. Do know that any question can be skipped and/or returned to, if needed, by choosing the “Next” and/or “Back” buttons; however, your overall time will still be limited to 15 minutes.

To begin, we strongly suggest completing the two Sample Questions shown below. Then fill in the Personal Information and enter the One-Time Access Code that was provided in your “SLF Test for Windowtinting.com” email. NOTE: ALL fill-in fields ARE REQUIRED for the START TEST button to be activated. When you’re ready, simply select the START TEST button and your time will automatically begin. Once the allotted 15-minute time limit has expired the test will automatically end. Please remember you will have only ONE opportunity to take this test and any answers you’ve provided, or not provided, will then automatically be electronically submitted and you will be notified of your test results from us usually within 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Without the submission of the SLF Test your registration process is incomplete and unsecured for you. Therefore, the sooner you can submit this final phase of your registration process, the sooner we can secure a seat for you. Please know our acceptance to the school is on a first-come-first-serve basis and the Start Date availability can change at any time...So good luck!

Below is a sample question ALREADY correctly filled in as an example:

The correct response is “sow.” Therefore, see the answer correctly selected below in the circle next to “sow”. 

Please answer the 1st Sample Question for yourself:

Answer: 92 cents. Therefore, to answer this question correctly; simply select the circle next to “92 cents”.

Please answer the 2nd Sample Question for yourself:

Answer: mean neither the same nor opposite. Therefore, to answer this question correctly; simply select the circle next to “mean neither the same nor opposite”.